Based on beautiful Lake Winnipesaukee, in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, I pride myself in providing quality photographs at affordable prices.

Although I shoot indoors or out, my specialty is outdoor photography with natural lighting. One of the reasons I'm able to keep my prices reasonable is because I do not have a studio to maintain. Nature is my studio with my backdrops being the beautiful scenery of the area. I have several local spots that I love to shoot at, but I am willing to travel to that place that is special to you.

My Photography business has grown from what once was an enjoyable hobby, into something SO much more! Although it has become more than just a hobby, it is simply something that I enjoy doing, and basically serves as a "supplement" to my income, and is NOT my livelihood. Yet another reason why I am able to offer my products and services at affordable prices.

The moral of my story is this: My affordable prices should not be mistaken for below par service and/or photographs - my photos speak for themselves. Special moments and times in your lives can be very expensive - your photographs do not have to be. For that reason and the reasons noted above, I continue my mission to provide you, my client, with quality photographs at affordable prices.